What is a Journal Entry? How to Capture Your Life and Memories

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One of the most commonly used and therapeutic ways to utilize your journal is to reflect upon experiences you deem profound or that had an impact on your life. Getting it all down on paper can really give you a completely different perspective on things. Writing in your journal can be an incredibly useful tool to help you better understand yourself and the world you operate in. Reflective learning journals are also a great way to find creative solutions to difficult problems. If you don’t know what to write in a journal, I highly recommend you try this method. I’ve used this advice many times since I first started journaling in 2013.

  • They can also note any changes or improvements in their strength, endurance, or overall fitness level.
  • And in the end, a couple of sentences that look like gibberish won’t completely ruin your journal.
  • Then, I used watercolors to paint over the top, blending different colors and creating a dreamy, abstract effect.
  • In a creative journal, you can experiment with different artistic techniques, such as drawing, painting, collage, or mixed media.

Also, these journal entries may seem a bit random because I do not offer a backstory of what happened to instigate the certain train of thought. For circumstances, we stress about things from home, monetary situations, and jobs also. I know in handled tension in the past and also handling it today.

Goal-Setting Journaling

This journaling technique can be used to document things like plants, animals, weather patterns, landscapes, and more. In addition to providing ideas and inspiration, seeing some different journaling examples can help you discover new techniques and approaches to journaling. You might find that a particular type of journaling works well for you, or that a combination of different types of journaling is the most effective. My writing may be elementary in that regard and not so eloquent, but I hope this helps any of you who are wanting to get into reflective journaling.

They’re inspired by our Daily Discussion feature in the Shine app—a safe space where you can reflect on a new self-care question daily with a global community of supportive people. In conclusion, in the past, I didn’t cope very well with stress. I took two self-assessments based on I’m vulnerable am I to stress and Stressful events in my life. Based off the two assessments, it showed how stressed I was and couldn’t handle it. The things I do now to adjust stress in my life are that I start to think about the positive/negative effects of stress. I made a lot of adjustments so I can have less stress in my life.

How do you shift your mindset if it isn’t working for you?

I finished in 4 hours and 22 minutes, but I finished nonetheless! This letter to my future self helped me appreciate what I accomplished and made me proud of myself. Here’s another creative way to write in your journal when you don’t know what to write about. Practicing gratitude won’t stop your car from breaking down, and neither will it stop you from experiencing stress at work. But by focusing on what you’re grateful for, you can focus on positivity rather than negativity. And a journal just so happens to be the perfect place to express gratitude.

personal journal entry example

A video journal is similar to a traditional written journal, but instead of writing down thoughts and experiences, you capture them on video. Video journals can be kept privately or shared with others, and can be a fun and engaging way to document your life. A reflective journal is a type of journaling that involves introspection and self-reflection. It’s a way to explore your thoughts, feelings, and experiences in a deeper and more meaningful way.

Journal about things that you’re grateful for in your life

I want to share with you a couple of my recent reflective journal entries. That’s where guided self-reflection prompts and questions can help you out. Another stressor I’ve dealt with was, handling being unemployed for 6 months.

For example, if you have an insightful observation about a book you’re reading while on the bus, it pays to have your journal with you. Penzu’s free diary software come in handy in such a situation, as online and mobile entries can be made in your Penzu journal from any location. Including photos in a personal journal can add a visual component to the written words, helping your remember and reflect on specific moments and experiences.

But in the moments when I slow down and take a deep breath, I feel like I can handle it all. I just need to remember to make time for myself and focus on what’s important. Many people find that freewriting in their journal is the easiest way to complete a new journal entry. Freewriting is simply the a writing technique in which you write continuously without stopping, without concern for grammar, spelling or punctuation. I’m so grateful for all of the experiences I had today, and I’m happy that I was able to capture some of them in photos.

personal journal entry example

Whether you’re new to journaling or looking for a way to deepen your practice, there’s something here for everyone. While this may not directly produce the most insightful journal entry, it does help get my brain moving. Oftentimes, it’s much easier to write down something worthwhile when you already started with something insignificant. https://personal-accounting.org/examples-of-key-journal-entries-accountingtools/ Journaling is one of the most effective and engaging ways for teachers to help students develop a true love of writing. Studies have shown that keeping a gratitude journal gives you better sleep, reduce stress and makes your happier. Some people find that keeping a digital journal is easier than writing in a notebook.

How do you savor the time you get alone?

However, there are certain guidelines to follow that will make you more successful at this. Here are some basic tips at how to write a reflective journal. Keeping a journal is a meaningful way to reflect on your thoughts, emotions, and experiences. Whether you prefer to write about your gratitude, your goals, your travels, or just your day-to-day life, journaling can help you process and make sense of your journey. Many people use journal entries as a place to document positive experiences, rather than dwelling on negative experiences or stressors.

A travel journal is a type of journaling where you record your experiences, thoughts, and observations while traveling. It’s a way to document your adventures, memories, and personal growth as you explore new places and cultures. To get started with gratitude journaling, simply set aside a few minutes each day to reflect on the things you’re grateful for.

Example Prayer Journal Entry

If you want to know more about this journaling idea, here’s an article I wrote about how I remember my memories in a journal. Setting smaller goals is a good way to make sure that you’re working towards something and not just coasting through your days on autopilot. If you want to read more about tracking happiness, here’s a better description of the method.

  • The format you choose for journaling should be one that you enjoy and are more likely to stick with consistently.
  • Some people choose to include notes about physical sensations, such as hunger, fatigue, or pain, in their journal entries.
  • As with any tool, to get the most benefits, you need practice.
  • The length of a personal journal entry can vary greatly, depending on your writing style and the purpose of your journal.
  • Your journal, in many ways, is a dialogue that you are having with yourself.
  • In a travel journal, you can record things like the sights and sounds of a new city, the flavors of local cuisine, the people you meet, and the challenges and triumphs of your journey.

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