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Moreover, we’ll tell you how to prevent the programs from hanging and what to do if your whole Mac stops responding. The “Force Quit Applications” window will pop up, presenting you with a list of applications currently open on your Mac. You may see “” next to the app causing problems. Choose the app that’s not responding and hit the “Force Quit” button. I understand you are looking for the Windows equivilant to a MAC’s Force Quit on a Windows computer. It is called task manager and in Windows it can be reached by hitting the Ctrl + Alt + Del keys together.

  • Because this shortcut will momentarily launch a Command Prompt window, you should setRuntoMinimized.
  • So, for Windows 11 version 21H2, you’ll see build 22000.xx, for example, with xx increasing with every cumulative driver solution update.
  • Using the Control Panel to uninstall Hyper-V is the most convenient method and is preferred by most Windows 10 users.

Alternatively, select the first option to check for driver updates automatically. A device driver provides information to the operating system and other software about how to interact with certain hardware. If the appropriate driver is not installed, the device might not function properly, if at all. Either the Bluetooth option is not available, or Bluetooth does not work. This situation can cause many problems, especially if you use a wireless keyboard, mouse, speakers, headphones, etc.

Why doesn’t my Windows 10 have Bluetooth?

Windows 7 has a similar login screen to Vista, except for a few details. For example, the user icon is much larger and the background of the screen features a sprout graphic. Windows XP’s classic login screen features the old Windows logo shaped like a flag. This is probably the most recognizable screen out of the bunch, as many of us grew up seeing at least once. Under Windows specifications, check which edition and version of Windows your device is running.

Select the Start button, scroll down on the Start Menu, then select Windows Administrative Tools to expand it. Right-click the Start button and select Windows PowerShell . I’m an electronics engineer, avid writer, and tech-enthusiast specializing in troubleshooting computer-related issues. I enjoy reading both fiction and non-fiction in diverse genres.

Step2: Take screenshots with the following code:

Windows 10 includes a Bluetooth on/off button in the Action Center. Windows 11 does not include this button, so you must use the Bluetooth settings in Control Panel to turn on or off Bluetooth. This post showed you how to enable or disable Bluetooth in Windows 11. If you find any error above, please use the comment form below to report. That will turn off the Bluetooth in Windows 11. You can now exit the settings pane and you’re done.

Take Screenshot of a Specific Window

Currently, one of the most popular distros – Ubuntu 20.04 LTS – is an open-source OS that caught major traction in the Linux community. Other options include Kali Linux, Pengwin, and Fedora Remix for WSL, but it is a matter of preference more than anything. Click on the Start button and search “Windows PowerShell”. Right-click on the first result and select Run as administrator.

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